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Many people are looking for the most effective teeth whitening product. You won’t find it in a store, but you can find it at Parks Legado Dentistry. We offer customized take-home trays and effective bleaching products to brighten your teeth at the pace you desire. Dr. Bernard Char and our team take pride in using the highest quality materials for our whitening treatments, improving your smile’s beauty.

The Difference of Professional Whitening

Customized bleaching trays are essential for a uniform white appearance, as they comfortably cover every tooth surface. Their fit also protects the gums from the bleaching material, which can cause irritation. Our dental-grade whitening gel can only be obtained from a dentist and is designed to lift stains for long-term beauty without impacting the health of your teeth. Many patients prefer the take-home option for removing stains, especially those that drink coffee, wine, or have teeth that are prone to discoloration.

After Dr. Char creates your tray, you are instructed how to properly apply the gel. Then, you are free to whiten the smile at your leisure. The degree to which treatment brightens your teeth is determined by how long and often you wear the trays. To protect against even the most sensitive patients, Dr. Char prescribes a special toothpaste to build up the enamel.

Is Take-Home the Best Option?

Dr. Char prefers take-home for many reasons. Primarily, it puts patients in full control of their treatment and allows a touch-up at any time. As long as they have gel, they can whiten their smile, making take-home bleaching a long-term solution. Additionally, in-office whitening tends to dry teeth out, producing thermal and touch sensitivity, which is highly uncomfortable.

We believe patients deserve the best dental care possible. Take-home teeth brightening reflects this value, ultimately giving patients the most comfortable and powerful option for achieving a beautiful smile.

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Parks Legado Dentistry performs cosmetic treatments, like custom teeth bleaching, to our Odessa dental family. Call Dr. Char today to schedule a whitening consultation. We look forward to hearing from you! 


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