Restoring Dental Implants in Odessa

Dental implant treatment is the best teeth replacement treatment available, but this advanced procedure should be completed by experienced and caring professionals.

Dr. Bernard Char and his team are those professionals. We coordinate your implant placement with trusted specialists and provide customized restorations to complete your smile. For the compassionate and skilled care, your smile deserves, visit Parks Legado Dental.

Why Implants are Your Best Option

Dental implants address the deeper health issues associated with losing a tooth. Jaw resorption is the primary concern; this process degrades the bone and affects the surrounding tissues. Resorption moves teeth out of alignment, makes the bite uneven, and changes the facial structure. Traditional teeth replacement appliances only resolve the aesthetic and basic practical issues of missing teeth. They do not address the degradation of bone.

Implants slow resorption and keep the smile straight, supporting your overall health and beauty. They also offer the benefits permanently. The implant posts are built to last over 25 years, practically a lifetime in terms of dental prosthetics. With proper hygiene, patients won’t need to replace their implants or face complications that require additional surgery.

Whether a patient has one or multiple missing teeth, implant treatment is completely customizable. This ensures your treatment is minimally invasive, protecting healthy teeth and tissues. Implant restorations are stain-resistant, cavity-proof, and made from professional-grade materials.

The Steps of Implant Treatment

From consultation to restoration, Dr. Char will help patients with their treatment. The initial consultation and exam will determine how our dentist builds your treatment plan. From there, he communicates with a local oral surgeon for the implant placement phase. After the implants are successfully positioned, patients are given time to recover.

When your smile has fully healed, you are given the final restoration. Implant-support crowns, bridges, and dentures are custom-made to enhance your natural beauty. Dr. Char takes the time to perfect the fit and feel of these prosthetics, giving you the best smile possible.

Rebuilding the Smile

Dr. Char has extensive experience in full mouth restoration. This method of treatment addresses multiple health and cosmetic issues with a variety of procedures. Missing teeth, discoloration, misalignment, and decay are treated in sequence. Dr. Char offers this high level of service to patients with extensive dental needs, ensuring they can have the smile they deserve.

Contact Parks Legado Dentistry for Dental Implant Treatment

It is our team’s passion to make your smile look beautiful and function properly. Dental implant treatment is the best way to restore normal daily life, and we can coordinate the whole process for you. Call us to schedule your implant consultation or to ask us any questions about this procedure. 


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