Meet Dr. Char

Meet Dr. Char

Dentist in Odessa

Dr. Char received his DDS from Loma Linda School of Dentistry in 2006.
Undergrad: BA in Medical Technology from Loma Linda University (Yes, Dr. Char was a “lab guy” and loves lab techy stuff along with dentistry)

Dr. Char has had the privilege of traveling the World and living in multiple places including Hong Kong, The UK, California, Arizona and Texas where is he most proud to call home. He loves being a dentist in Odessa because his career not only satisfies his interest in science but also allows him to have real connections with his patients. “There is just something great about helping my patients in the dental chair and then seeing them at the grocery store and really be a part of their lives.”


Although in Boarding School in the UK, Dr. Char thought he would grow up to be an Interior Designer or an Architect, destiny (or maybe the swaying of his 3 Uncles, Aunt and Cousin who are also dentists) had other plans. “I realized that I wanted to grow up to help people. I used to have a fear of the dentist and now feel I am a great person to help others with dental phobia. I know how it is, I have been there.” 

Dr. Char is thrilled to offer tools and comforts to make a dental visit relaxing such as heated dental chairs, calming aromas, TV’s above the dental chair and he utilizes a special topical numbing agent so as to ensure a pleasant experience.  

When not working with patients Dr. Char can be found at a local park with his son flying a kite. “Enjoying time with my family is typically what I am up to when not here at work”. 

To learn more about Dr. Char, just ask. He is excited to meet new patients while maintaining great relationships with his current.