Are Dental Implants Good for My Health ?

Aug 3 • 1 minute read

Accidents, gum disease, decay, and failed root canals, are common reasons why tooth loss occurs. Dentures and fixed bridgework used to be the most common methods of replacing these lost teeth, but dental implants have become a popular alternative in recent years. Dental implants have a titanium post that fuses with bone tissue and anchor into the jaw. This anchor replaces teeth roots and creates a firm foundation for single replacement teeth or a denture, bridge, or partial. Implants function and look like real teeth, and have other benefits as well.

A significant oral health benefit of an implant or an implant-retained bridge is that natural, healthy teeth do not have to be reduced and crowned to bear the weight of the bridge. With implants, natural teeth are left undisturbed.

Implants Can Signal Your Body to Make Nutrients

Natural tooth roots move when we bite and chew, and this motion stimulates the jawbone and tells the brain that the jaw needs calcium and phosphorus to support the teeth. The body responds, and the needed elements are delivered to the jawbone to nourish and strengthen the bone. This is called the piezoelectric effect.

The only prosthetic that offers the piezoelectric effect are implants because implant posts replace teeth roots. Conventional crowns, bridges, partials, and dentures only replace the crowns of lost teeth. When the root is not replaced, the brain is not alerted to direct the body to continue the delivery of vital nutrients to the jawbone. Bone density decreases over time due to a lack of calcium and phosphorous, and the jawbone deteriorates and shrinks in size. These gaps in the jawline can cause a sunken facial appearance known as facial collapse.

The secure foundation of implants ensures that the patient's teeth will not loosen or slip out of place during biting, chewing, or speaking. When fabricated from high-quality dental materials that imitate natural gum tissue and tooth enamel, implant-retained prostheses can look natural and attractive, even more, attractive than original teeth.

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